Emily Smith - The Kitchen Adventurer

Hello internet friends, my name is Emily! I’m a rainy weather ☔️ girl currently situated in the beautiful central coast of California. This blog is a little slice of my life that I’m pretty excited to share with you. I’m passionate about making delicious food in my kitchen and sharing them with family and friends. Sometimes I succeed 👍, sometimes I don’t 👎, but it’s always an adventure 👌.

My zeal for making food comes from a childhood filled with homemade everything (thanks mom 🙏). Growing up, I was envious of all the other munchkins running around with bags of cheetos and sandwiches made with store bought bread. Looking back now, I realize how lucky I was. Not only was my mom doing everything she could to make sure I ate healthy, but she was instilling my own appetite for cooking and baking.

I married the love of my life and best friend, Tyler, in 2010. He is a huge part of this blog. He built this site, he takes the pictures, taste tests the food, and so much more. Most importantly though, he is the yin to my yang, my better half and the one who keeps me going when I’m ready to throw in the towel.

Last year our lives changed forever when we welcomed our baby girl into this world 🎉❤️️🍼❤️️🎉. She’s a strong willed, independent, beautiful little bug and we’re completely smitten with her. Meandering through motherhood has been a different kind of adventure, but I’m loving it!

Baby Olivia, future kitchen adventurer :)

Two truths and a lie, in the form of five truths:

  • I go through about two pairs of sneakers every six months from walking…a lot.
  • Moderation is the way to a happy, healthy me – so I get to have my cake and eat it too, as long as I had something nutritious first. 😁
  • I miss snow and rain, so much. I want to live where I can experience all four seasons, not just one and a half.
  • I have a serious love for chocolate chip cookies, but I don’t like chocolate that much. 😲
  • I completely loathe writing about myself. 🙅

Blogs I really love:

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me at thekitchenadventurer [at] gmail [dot] com.

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